Tepache Mojito Mocktail

We're starting the new year off with a delicious mocktail featuring De La Calle Tepache! Tepache is a non-alcoholic fermented drink made with pineapple, pineapple rinds, and a variety of spices. Tepache is the base of this mojito mocktail, with additions of lime, mint, and honey simple syrup.

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Naturally Wild & Fizzy Sodas

Community agroforester & perennial crop farmer Kaitie Adams takes us through making home-fermented, naturally fizzy drinks using fruits that can be grown here in Central Illinois!

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Perennial Cocktails: Simple Syrup, Shrub & Bitters

This series of drinks features perennial plants and herbs that can all be grown here in Illinois! Perennial herbs come back every year and are a great addition to any garden. Learn how to make simple syrup, shrubs & bitters to diversify your cocktails!

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Apricot Ginger Ale

This fruity and refreshing ginger ale uses a liquid ginger extract for flavoring. Herb Pharm has been a trusted source for herbal extracts for over 40 years. Their ginger liquid extract retains...

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Pepino Spritzer

This spritzer is a light and refreshing cocktail highlighting the unique flavors of the pepino. 

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Holiday Mocktails for New Years Eve

Enjoying the holidays but don’t partake in cocktails? Try these amazing mocktails to ring in the new year right!

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3 Homemade Simple Syrups by Mac

So how do restaurants make their cocktails so great? It’s simple! Using simple syrup adds sweetness without being overpowering, plus you can infuse the simple syrup with just about any flavor you want.

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Holiday Cocktails for New Years Eve
Holiday, Seasonal

Homemade simple syrup, good quality liquor & holiday flavors all combine together in these delicious cocktail recipes from Common Ground Food Co-op!

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