FAQ: Radish Rewards

FAQ: Radish Rewards

Common Ground's Owner Loyalty Program!


What are Radish Rewards?

Radish Rewards are a loyalty program where owners and staff can accrue points with each purchase at Common Ground. With a valid owner number or employee number, you can earn one point per dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for dollars off a future purchase. Alcohol & CBD are not eligible for point accrual or redemption

How do I accrue Radish Reward Points?

Anytime you buy something at Common Ground, you earn points! Each dollar you spend equals one point accrued. Please know that alcohol & CBD do not accrue Radish Rewards points

How can I redeem Radish Reward Points?

Once you reach 200 points (or $2.00) in Radish Rewards, you can redeem them for dollars off your purchase. Just ask your cashier to redeem your points before you pay for your transaction. Please know that you cannot redeem your Radish Rewards for alcohol or CBD.

Do I have to accrue a minimum amount of points in order to redeem them?

Yes, you must accrue a minimum of 200 points (or $2.00) in Radish Rewards before you can redeem them. 

Is there a maximum number of points I can redeem or accrue?

There is no maximum number of points you can accrue; however, you can only redeem 20,000 points (or $200.00) at a time. 

Can I cash out my point balance for real money?

Nope. Radish Reward Points can only be used toward a purchase at Common Ground. The points cannot be redeemed for cash back.

What if I don't want to be a part of Radish Rewards?

No problem! Just email marketing@commonground.coop to opt out of Radish Rewards.

What if I refund my ownership; What happens to my Radish Reward points?

Radish Rewards are only available with a valid owner number. If you refund your ownership at Common Ground, your points will be lost when your owner number is refunded. Points cannot be transferred to another account. 

Do points expire?

Yes. Radish Reward points will expire after one year of accrual. 

What if I have more questions about this?

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out! You can email marketing@commonground.coop with additional inquiries.