Food For All

Food For All

Food For All is our food accessibility program.  One aspect of our fourth end is providing an equitable local food system. To us, this means ensuring that healthy and affordable food is accessible to all people. Our Food For All program was created to do just this, and through grant donations and fundraising, we have been able to keep this program going. 


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What does Food For All cover?
  • A Food For All grant will cover full owner equity. Food For All members get all the benefits of ownership! Read more about owner benefits.

  • Food For All members also get a 10% discount on our entire produce section, as well as all Co+op basics products. 

What is Co+op Basics?

Co+op Basics are discounted items for everyone. Over 147 unique Co-ops nationwide have teamed up for collective buying power so we can offer low prices on healthy, organic, and wholesome foods every day. We’ve compiled a list of staple items that are intentionally kept at low costs so you can stock your shelves and cook nutritious meals. Items include canned goods, bulk beans and grains, dairy, and even personal care products!


Co+op Basics Brochure


We also have dozens of recipes that can be made using Co+op Basics Items! Recipes range from Butter Tofu, to Mini Pizzas, to a Corn & Zucchini Frittata!


Co+op Basics Recipes


How do I become a Food For All member?

Food For All is for everyone! Whether you are needing an incentive to cook healthier, receive health care through Medicaid, have low income or an active food stamp (LINK) card, have a temporary illness or disability, are responsible for care of someone suffering from an illness or disability, or you are currently receiving unemployment or other governmental assistance, you automatically qualify for an Equity Grant and Food For All discount. 


To apply for Food For All, fill out an application in the store at the registers or follow this link below. Once we have received your application, we will reach out to you with your new owner number and all the information you need to utilize your ownership at Common Ground!


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