Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

We’ve been hosting an array of classes in our Flatlander classroom since 2011.

The Flatlander classroom has enabled us to fulfill our third end of being an educational resource in the community, as well as allowed us to bring our friends and neighbors together for new experiences. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, in person classes were put on hold, but we now offer online cooking classes and meal kits so you can learn and enjoy new meals in your very own home!


Common Ground offers cultural cuisine cooking classes every month! We have a wonderful team of community teachers that will walk you through every step of making a meal. Sign up online, and we will assemble your meal kit with everything you need to craft delicious dishes.

Ayurveda Cooking Class & Meal Kit

Food is medicine. Combinations of herbs and spices with seasonal vegetables can help one to find balance and ease in digestion. Reacquaint yourself with many of the herbs and spices that you may already be familiar with in a new way. Join Jodi Adams, Certified Yoga Instructor and Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, in April's virtual cooking class as she guides you through the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking traditions, spice blending, and mindful, seasonal recipes. Tune in to the live class via Zoom and cook along in your own kitchen using a pre-portioned Co-op class kit. By the end of the class, participants can enjoy a full meal made from scratch. The class menu includes:

  • Kitchari (pronounced kich-uh-ree): a complete meal intended to nourish and rejuvenate that combines basmati rice with split yellow mung bean, ginger, and a balanced blend of spices.
  • Ghee: clarified butter, an essential component of Kitchari
  • Vata Churna: an assortment of culinary spices that will be toasted and blended to flavor the food and traditionally used to ease stress, promote good digestion, and create harmoney in the body and mind
  • Seasonal greens, roasted sweet potatoes, and other fresh garnishes like avocado and cilantro

The live virtual cooking class is Saturday, April 1st from 3-5pm and includes a portioned class kit that will be available for pick up on Friday, March 31st from 4-6 pm at Common Ground's Flatlander Classroom.




Bubbly & The French 75 In-person Cocktail Class


For the next class in our cocktail class series with Katie Carrillo, we're exploring Champagne and the French 75! A French 75 is a champagne cocktail made with gin, lemon and simple syrup. This classic cocktail dates back to the early 1900s and boasts complex flavors, a bubbly mouthfeel, and botanical notes from the gin. This class will include light snacks, a tasting of 3 bubblys (Champagne, Prosecco, Cava), lessons on the history and making of Champagne and the French 75, and a demonstration on making the classic cocktail. Students will then make their own classic French 75 or a variation using their own unique combination of ingredients from the Co-op.


The class will take place in our Flatlander classroom on Friday, March 31st and is $30/person. Limited seating available - only 10 seats per class. Must be 21 to attend.



Taste of Japan - 3 part In-person Class Series

Do a deep dive into Japanese food culture with self-taught home cook Paul Young as we survey the amazing flavors of this world-class cuisine. We'll be cooking up a variety of noodle, fish, and meat dishes as well as a selection of unique delicacies and side dishes in this series of three classes.


Sign up for one class or all three in this series!


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Learn with Us!


Common Ground Food Co-op strives to serve as an educational resource on food issues. 


The Co-op works hard to serve our community, from recipes to classes to our Grow On program for kids and in-store information about our farms, our products, and the food system. We work with local teachers and schools to come up with food curriculum that exciting for all ages.


Our classroom is a great and vibrant space that is used for cooking classes, staff meetings, and as a space where folks gather to share food and build community.


Check out our class calendar! You can sign up for classes online or in person at the registers with our staff. 



Teach a Class

We believe in vibrant community education.


Community education creates a positive learning experience for the community members who participate in classes. Our education is accessible and varied in topic and perspective; however, due to COVID, our educational programming has become more limited and we ask that all classes are relevant to cultural cuisines, Co-op mission, and promote the products in store. We offer a supportive learning experience to experienced and novice teachers and learners. If you are interested in teaching a class please contact our Marketing Manager by email or by phone at  (217) 352-3347 about the application process. 


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If you would like to bring in a group or class to the Co-op to learn about our local farms or food systems, schedule a store tour with us. We host engaging tours geared for all ages!


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