Turkey Preorders

Choose Local this Holiday Season


Get a jump start on your holidays by pre-ordering your local, pasture-raised turkey from Triple S Farms. Select your preferred turkey size, receive special holiday coupons, and be entered into a raffle to win a free turkey!


Local turkeys are available in a wide range of sizes but are in limited quantities this year, so place your order early!



Triple S Farm local frozen turkeys - Stewardson, IL

  • Small frozen turkeys (10 - 13.9lbs): $8.49/lb
  • Medium frozen turkeys (14 - 17.9lbs): $7.59/lb
  • Large frozen turkeys (18+lbs): $6.69/lb



A $25 deposit is required for pre-orders. Preorders are not honored until an online payment has been made. The deposit will be deducted at the registers at the time of pick up.


Pick Ups

Turkey pre-orders will be available for pick up on Thursday, November 9th from 3:30-6pm in our mall hallway. Turkeys are only available during the designated date and time frame. For questions, please contact Arnold, Meat & Cheese manager.


About Triple S Farms

We are a family-operated farm raising our animals on certified organic pastures. We do not use any hormones or feed antibiotics.  We also raise certified organic row crops.

Our animals are our livelihood and we respect the part that they play on the farm.  It is a symbiotic relationship where they rely on us, the animals rely on the soil and the soil relies on both of us.


Please fill out the information below to preorder.