Quick Mediterranean

Simple Meals: Quick Mediterranean In-Person Cooking Class
Thursday, January 18th from 6-7:30pm


Join us for an in-person cooking class taught by Co-op instructor, Adam Wisnewski of Breakfast, Life, and Dinner! In our Simple Meals series, we'll be doing quick and easy dinners that help you keep your weeknights moving. This cooking class will cover how to make delicious and quick Mediterranean recipes including hummus, Greek Salad, and homemade pita bread. This class will take place in our Flatlander Classroom at Common Ground Food Co-op.


The Menu:

Hummus: A centuries-old staple that’s gained in popularity in the US. Delicious with bread (traditionally pita), vegetables, sandwiches, grilled meats… anything, really! The trick is to get the mashed/pureed texture just the way you like.


Greek salad: All fresh, all delicious! Brings together bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives and feta cheese.


Homemade Greek-style pita bread: a thicker, softer flatbread then what you're used to. There's no pocket, but there's lots of deliciousness in a bread you can make anytime you like.


$50/person with limited seating available. A waiting list will be made available once tickets are sold out.


About Instructor: Adam Wisnewski


Join Adam Wisnewski, the talented cooking coach from Breakfast, Life, & Dinner, for these fun and simple lessons.  If you’ve seen Adam on ciLiving, you know you’re in for a treat! Adam will teach you “Confidence in the Kitchen”, starting with the basics, exploring new techniques, and learning new and healthier recipes from around the world. You’ll gain the skills to make planning, shopping, preparing and cooking an *adventure*, instead of a chore.