A Word from the General Manager

- Gary Taylor

Hello Cooperators,


We are excited to introduce a new program here at the Coop that will begin on June 5th! 


In the past we have offered a few items as "Owner Deals." National Cooperative Grocers (NCG) works with United Natural Foods Incorporated (UNFI) to offer co-ops a few items at a lower cost on a monthly basis to use as deals specifically for owners. We here at CGFC then choose a few of these items to promote and advertise as owner only deals. 


Due to the record amount of inflation we have seen over the past few years and a desire to reduce food costs as much as possible, we have made the decision to greatly increase the number of Owner Deals that we offer each month! We have also decided to reduce our margin on these items so we can offer much better pricing for our owners! 


This will greatly increase the benefits of our owners. Please click on this link to see the deals we will be offering in June. They will only be good through July 2nd, but when these are over we will introduce another round of different items for July and each successive month going forward. 


Thank you for your continued support!


In cooperation,