A Word from the General Manager

- Gary Taylor

Hello Cooperators,


Wow, what a crazy month! Freezing cold and icy weather caused us to close for a couple of days to make sure our staff stayed safe. After that, a break in Lincoln Square's original drainage line forced us to close for another day while work crews came out to fix it. We weathered the storm and were able to get reopened but then were hit with more bad news. The drainage line has three more broken areas, one of which is under the concrete in front of our receiving dock. We were forced to cancel grocery and produce loads with almost no notice because the semi-trucks cannot back in until the concrete sets. We are hopeful that we will be able to use the dock to receive our trucks by Friday, making sure we are stocked up for this coming weekend, but we may have to unload everything by hand in front of the store. Please bear with us for just a little while longer as we work through the rest of this hectic week.


So that is the bad news... the good part about all of this is that we have had to close for short periods of time in the past due to this particular drainage pipe backing up, but after this weekend it should be fixed and we should not have to deal with it anymore! I want to give a shout out to all of our staff who have been instrumental in helping Common Ground navigate through this month! Great job, everyone!


Another fantastic bit of news that I am proud to announce to all of our owners is that in the month of January we surpassed the $500,000 mark for our Round-up For Good program! This is an amazing accomplishment for our organization and a testament to the dedication to this community by our owners, local producers and our staff! Coincidentally, we reached this mark at the beginning of our 50th Anniversary Year! Congratulations Everyone! 


I hope you all have a relatively mild and uneventful February!


Take Care!