A Word from the General Manager

- Gary Taylor

Hello Cooperators,


I heard that everyone who came to the Meeting of Owners had a great time and I am thrilled you all enjoyed it! I am so sorry I had to miss out. I had a bad flu bug, not Covid, and did not want to get anyone sick by being there. Thank you so much to Sarah and Robert for taking care of my part of the presentation. If anyone has any questions please contact me at gm@commoground.coop.


In this letter, I just want to emphasize the importance of being an owner. Historically 70% of our sales come from owners and you are a huge part of our success. Without you all we could not have accomplished everything we have in the last 49 years for this community. This year's owner drive has one more month remaining. Anyone can absolutely sign up any day, but we have more special gifts than normal for new and current referring owners in the month of October. Simply talking to your friends and coworkers about why you are an owner of the coop can help our entire community. From special deals just for shopping here, to the impact we have on our whole community, there are so many reasons to support Common Ground. 


If any of our owners who are reading this would be so kind as to indulge me, I would love to hear your reason, or reasons, for supporting Common Ground Food Coop. I would like to list the responses in next month's newsletter and we may use them on our social media. They can be as simple or as detailed as you feel comfortable with and I will of course keep any names confidential. Please just send me an email at gm@commonground with the word "owner" in the subject line. Any response will receive a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase sent to your email!


Thank you all so much!


Take care,