A Word from the Board of Directors

- Robert Taylor

Hello Owners!


Now that half the year has passed and we enter July, planning for two of our most important annual events is upon us: the annual Meeting of Owners (MOO) and Board elections. 


For the MOO, the Board is very excited to announce that we intend to hold the MOO in-person as well as online.  The date of the MOO will be Thursday, September 14th. We hope to have a record turnout of owners at the in-person venue and celebrate.  With this, we would love to hear ideas from owners on what you would like to hear, what activities you would like to take part in, and ideas on how to celebrate.  At the bottom of this article is a link for all to use to give ideas.


On the day of the MOO, we also close our Board election.  Each year there are three positions on the board that come up for election.  Soon we will release information on how to run for election to the Board of Directors and the timeline for the election process.  This is a great opportunity to be directly involved with the Co-op. We would love to see numerous candidates apply for the election! A huge thanks to our Board Development team who run the election each year for their work!


As we go into the holiday weekend, the Board wishes everyone a happy, healthy, and safe Independence Day.