Meet the Board: Morgan Montgomery

- Andrew Muller
This continues an intermittent series of interviews, in which members of the CGFC Board of Directors interview other members of our Board. We resume with one of our newest Board members, Morgan Montgomery!


Andrew: Thanks for making time for this interview, Morgan! Why don't we start out with you telling us a little about yourself and what introduced you to the Co-op?

Morgan: I'm from Urbana and grew up in Tolono so I've always been aware of the Co-op. I started shopping there after moving back to the area several years ago and I really enjoy the atmosphere at the Co-op. Everyone that works there is so nice, and I can always find what I need (and something new)!


Andrew: What made you decide to become a part of the Board?

Morgan: The last few years have really put things into perspective for me and I was looking for a deeper way to become involved with the community. I believe in the Co-operative movement, eating locally, supporting local farmers/businesses/individuals, and most importantly (to me) food equity and education, so running for the Board felt like a natural step.


Andrew: Do you have any goals for your time on the Board? Or a vision for the Co-op?

Morgan: I would love to see more in person events taking place now that we have the capacity to start planning those again! The Owner Engagement Committee is brainstorming ways to get involved with the ownership moving forward. We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Owners can always reach out to or hop on a monthly Board call with us.


My biggest current goal is also tied to my vision for the Co-op and both revolve around connecting with the ownership and the community to gauge their needs to make sure the Board is meeting them.


Andrew: Are there any special perspectives or skills you bring to the Board?

Morgan: I plan events and work with Boards for a living and I think that experience has been (and will be) incredibly helpful as I continue on the Board. Creative problem solving and thinking long term while executing in the short term are skills that have been ingrained in me through trial and error over the last decade or so of my career.


Andrew: If there was one thing you could tell Owners (or non-Owners!) about the Co-op, what would it be?

Morgan: The Co-op exists to meet the needs to the community - and we want to. Don't hesitate to reach out! Get involved by joining a cooking class (don't be afraid to come alone - I do!), attending an event, or just sharing your thoughts with the Board. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on your next shopping trip!