A Word from the GM

- Gary Taylor

Hello Cooperators!


It is so crazy how fast time flies in the grocery industry. It seems like yesterday that the outdoor farmers market started and it has already come to a close for 2022. In this newsletter I wanted to be sure to thank the attendees, organizers and all of the local businesses that sell their products at the market every weekend, rain or shine! This weekly event does so much to support our local economy and I hate to wait until next May for it to start back up.


Thankfully, none of us has to wait long to have access to local products. The outdoor market moves indoors this coming Saturday, November 5th! Just because it is no longer outside does not mean that our farmers no longer need your support. We can all continue to buy their goods inside until next spring! Please make an effort to continue coming to Lincoln Square Mall for the best local products our community has to offer.


If for some reason you can not make it, please remember that your store, Common Ground Food Coop, carries many of the same products you will find at the market every single day so you can still support our community and keep your hard earned dollars in our local community!


Speaking of local products, you all still have time to reserve your local turkey for pickup. We ran out of them last year, but for now, we still have plenty of Triple S Farms famous turkeys available for you to order. Please come in or fill out the reservation form online at our website before it's too late!


I want to recognize our wonderful Front of House Staff, our Marketing Department, Sarah and Liz, and the rest of our employees for an extremely successful owner drive during the months of September and October. We set a goal to sign up 200 new members in 2 months and this was achieved with one week to spare! Welcome to all of our new owners, and please let us know how we can better serve you!


Don't forget to vote in upcoming midterm elections!


Take care and thank you for supporting Common Ground Food Coop!