A Word from the Board of Directors

- Ben Galewsky

Autumn...time for cooler weather, changing leaf colors, and the start of the new Co-op Board year! The Meeting of Owners wrapped up this year's board election. We are so lucky to be able to welcome three new directors, Morgan Montgomery, Sandy Budde, and Blake Hackler, and welcome back Jon Barnes. Many thanks to the owners who voted in this election and showed their support for these candidates.


The October meeting was gaveled in by our outgoing president, JP Gougen. We are so grateful for his thoughtful leadership this year while we rebuilt board cohesion after two years of COVID isolation. JP led the process for selecting new officers and then at the conclusion bid us adieu and best wishes.


Robert Taylor is back in the chair as Board President. He is joined by veteran director Calvin Wang as Vice President, Andrew Muller is serving as Treasurer and Jon Barnes is our new Board Secretary.


One of my favorite things about the start of the board year is our annual board retreat, led by our Columinate board consultant, Todd Wallace. He helps us to come together as a team, build trust between directors old and new and develop a plan for the coming year as part of a larger board strategy. We are starting the new year with purpose and enthusiasm.


We have decided to return to in-person board meetings, to be held in the Co-op's Flatlander classroom. We will continue to stream the meetings on Google Meetup to allow remote attendance for owners, and traveling directors alike. All owners are welcome to attend on the second Monday of each month, Email us at board@commonground.coop for details.