Upcoming Owner Election

- Gary Taylor

Hello Cooperators,


2022 is flying past us and election season is here!


No, no, no, not "those" elections.


I am talking about electing our Board of Directors and Round Up For Good organizations for 2023. Beginning on September 22nd you will get to exercise your option to vote for who represents you on our Board of Directors and which 10 organizations Common Ground will support with our Round Up Program! The election will conclude at our Annual Meeting of Owners, affectionately called "the MOO", on September 29th. All of our eligible-to-vote owners are invited to attend the MOO, where the current Board of Directors and I will give a (fairly) short presentation about how the Co-op is doing, sharing our past successes and our challenges in the year ahead. To be eligible to attend, and vote in our election, you must have your equity paid in full and have shopped at the Co-op at least once in the past year as of the end of day August 31st, 2022. If you are eligible you will receive a link via email to vote and an invitation to this year's virtual MOO. We were hoping to be able to finally meet in person but unfortunately we feel that it might still be too early due to COVID.


Please, take a few minutes to check out all of our Round Up nominees before casting your votes. All nominated organizations submit project proposals detailing how the funds will be used, and these will be available for review the day voting begins. We have several very worthy new organizations that made it onto our ballet for 2023. Every year you, our owners, manage to donate around $50,000 to fantastic non-profit organizations and programs that really help our community, making this a very important responsibility. Without our collective support some of these organizations would either no longer exist or would at least be struggling to survive so please consider your votes carefully.


Help us make our community stronger by supporting Common Ground with your grocery dollars and generous contributions to our community partners!


Thanks for reading,