Meet the Board: Andrew Muller

- Ming Kuo

This continues an intermittent series of interviews, in which Ming Kuo (CGFC Board member) interviews other members of our Board. 


Andrew Muller comes to us from the Champaign County State's Attorney's Office, where he serves as the Assistant State's Attorney. Before moving to Champaign for that work last year, he lived in many different places, including New Haven Connecticut, Denver Colorado, and Rockford Illinois. Andrew has always tried to be an active community member, whether through his work as an attorney, participating in committees, county organizations, and social clubs. Andrew brings experience to the CGFC Board from a number of environmental and sustainability organizations. 


Ming: Thanks for making the time for this interview, Andrew! Let's open with the question, "What brings you to the Board?" What makes it worth volunteering your time and energy?

Andrew: I have been a vegan along with the rest of my family since I was thirteen, and have always been interested in promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles. In college I was an active member of a sustainable living learning community, and I have always tried to be an active member of my community wherever I go. My awareness of the CGFC community began with my sister, who has been a member of the Co-op since she began her studies at the University. I had always appreciated the access and community that the Co-op provided to her while she was living away from the rest of our family, and when I moved here I wanted to do what I could to support the Co-op that had helped her.


Ming: Do you have any goals for your time on the Board? Or a vision for the Co-op?

Andrew: My goal in serving on the Board is to support the Co-op through the difficulties that the Covid era has brought to the fore. I believe that promoting community engagement and helping people find ways to come together again will create both a stronger Co-op, and stronger community.


Ming: I see you're serving as Board Secretary - any particular goals for that work? What drew you to serve in that capacity?

Andrew: I am still rather new to the Board and the Champaign County community at large. I hope that my work as Board Secretary will provide me with greater insight to the Board's functions, and that my skills help the Board as a whole. I cannot provide any work as an attorney, but my basic skills seem to translate well to this position.


Ming: I see you're on the Policy Committee - any goals or hopes for that committee, specifically?

Andrew: My goal is to ensure that our current policies are meeting the needs of our organization and our community. In many parts of my life I have seen policies that work, and policies that do not. I hope that my insights will help refine the Board's current policies and add to the discussion of how best to serve our ends.


Ming: Are there any special perspectives or skills you bring to the Board?

Andrew: I think the special perspective that I can provide has been built by both the variety of places I have lived, and the dedication to food and my community that my family has always supported. My parents and my siblings have always been dedicated to helping our community, and understanding a healthy lifestyle. I personally believe that these two actions are tied to one another. No one is an island alone, and by having a strong and vibrant community to lean on is the best way to be a healthy and positive person. I hope to do my part, however small, to help Champaign and the CGFC support that community.


Ming: If there was one thing you could tell Owners (or non-Owners!) about the Co-op, what would it be?

Andrew: The bread is awesome! Seriously though, try one of the wonderful classes that the Co-op provides. You can find the calendar here and there is always something interesting to learn!