2021 Owner Election Results

- Robert Taylor

October 1st brings with it the kick-off of a new Board of Director year.  But before we start the new one, we close out the previous one that wraps up with our MOO or Meeting of Owners.  We held our 2021 MOO virtually on Wednesday night, 29 Sept.  The Board would like to thank the owners that attended the MOO and the great questions asked. Congratulations again to our raffle winners who took home some great Co-op prizes!  


The MOO evening ends with the close of our annual election where we select board members and our Round Up for Good organizations.  On Wednesday night Sarah presented that 11% of active owners voted in 2020 which was a record. We are pleased to announce this year that record was broken with 13% of active owners participating in the election! 


Three returning board directors (Calvin Wang, Mel Weinstein, and Robert Taylor) and one new board director (Andrew Muller) were elected in. Calvin, Mel, and Robert have been elected to 3-year terms and Andrew has been elected to a 1-year term.


We also would like to announce our Round Up for Good winners for 2022

  • Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

  • Planned Parenthood of Illinois: Champaign Health Center

  • Eastern Illinois Foodbank

  • Immigrant Services of CU

  • Crisis Nursery

  • Sola Gratia Farms

  • Prairie River Network

  • Urbana Champaign Books to Prisoners

  • Courage Connection

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Urbana Free Library Foundation


Now your 2021-2022 Board of Directors gets to work on setting the priorities for this board year. As mentioned at the MOO, we have great hopes that we can resume in-person gatherings to interact with owners, staff, producers, and other cooperatives.  We are all very excited about the possibilities.


We also always encourage owner feedback via email or public comment at board meetings.  All board meetings are open to owners even while we hold them virtually.  If you would rather email, you can reach us at board@commonground.coop. Please do note that it may take the board a bit of time to reply.


Finally, the board would like to thank Lisa Bralts and Jade Algarin who are leaving the board.  They both came in to fill vacant positions this past year and we thank them for their dedication and work to the board and the Coop!