Saylay's Pregnancy Must Haves

- Saylay

Hi, I’m Saylay and I am the Wellness Manager. I am now back from maternity leave and have a beautiful, healthy 4 month old at home. Having been through pregnancy and post-partum rather recently, I thought I’d like to provide a series detailing the items that got me through the tough times! The first in the series will be my must-haves DURING pregnancy. Below you will find a list of 7 items from the Co-op that were indispensable to me.

Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Organic Valley Full Fat Cow’s Milk - During pregnancy I basically turned into Santa Claus: big belly and obsessed with cookies and milk. I never liked cows milk before becoming pregnant but I then couldn't get enough of it! I had cookies and milk everyday, sometimes twice a day. I personally try not to eat gluten and so the Lucy’s brand chocolate chip cookies were my lifeline. Ironically, my kid is currently lactose intolerant.

Pregnancy Tea by Traditional Medicinals - The flavor of this tea is so delicious, especially poured over ice and with a squeeze of lemon. I drank jugs of this stuff. It was one of the only things that helped with my nausea and knowing that it contained herbs that support a healthy pregnancy made it all the more enjoyable.

Garden of Life Prenatal Gummy Vitamins - Let’s be honest, there are very few supplements that we look forward to taking in the morning. I love(d) taking this prenatal because it’s like I get to eat candy in the morning and I'm ingesting all the vitamins and minerals my growing baby and I need. 

Jason Pink Himalayan Salt 2-in-1 Bath Soak - Towards the end of pregnancy everything begins to ache. On top of that, many smells become unbearable. This product by Jason is both a body wash and a bubble bath, it has a very subtle scent and feels luxuriously silky in a tub full of hot water.

Ginger People Gin Gins Ginger Candy - I had pretty bad morning sickness that lasted into the second trimester. Both ginger and hard candy, generally, are said to help with nausea. It was crucial that I had a bag of these at my desk, in my bag and stashed in several places throughout my home.  

Co-op Cafe Turkey Bacon Melt - Multiple days during my pregnancy I felt dizzy, nauseous, and shaky. So much so that I called the midwives office to see if I should come in. The nurse on the phone literally told me to “eat a turkey sandwich and call back if I didn't feel better after.” She was right, a turkey sandwich always made me feel better. I basically took this as carte blanche to eat as many as I want, I saw it as my personal prescription.