Tour of Coil Farm


Claudia and Guy Coil are the supportive farmers of several hundred laying chickens on their wooded farm in Mansfield, IL about 20 miles from Common Ground. Their freshly laid chicken eggs have graced the Co-op shelves for almost seven years and we are proud to have been their very first outlet to sell their dozens. Some of our staff stopped over at their farm the other day for a visit, some coffee, and were lucky to hold some chickens and tour the various wooded pastures where the chickens dwell during the day. Underneath apple trees, grapes, and other shade-making trees, the hens and a couple roosters get to roam around the farm pecking, scratching, and foraging for other plants and insects outside.




The friendly chickens were curious of the new visitors, clucking contentedly and showing off their healthy and fluffy plumage. Claudia and Guy work hard each day collecting hundreds of eggs, filling chicken feed, washing eggs, providing protected areas for them to roam, and making sure all the chickens are tucked in safely in their roosting houses at night. We’re lucky to have such caring local farmers who cherish their relationship with the hens. These fresh eggs you can find in our dairy refrigerator section every day.