Fermentation Virtual Class & Kit

- 12:00 pm

Fermentation Virtual Class & Kit

January 14, 2023

Join local farmer Kaitie Adams and Co-op staff Sarah Buckman for a class covering easy (and funky!) ferments for your winter pantry. Kaitie and Sarah will cover the basics of lacto-fermentation and show how easy it is to make sauerkraut, fermented root vegetables, beet kvass, and preserved lemons. These powerful fermented foods will keep your taste buds (and gut) happy and healthy through the cold months of winter! The live virtual cooking class is Saturday, January 14th from 12-2pm and comes with a portioned class kit with all of the produce and ingredients with an optional mason jar add-on. Kits will be available for pick up on Friday, January 13th from 4-6pm at Common Ground's Flatlander Classroom. Tune in to the live class and cook along in your own kitchen!


This class was originally scheduled for Saturday, November 12 but had to be rescheduled to Saturday, January 14th from 12-2pm with a pick up on Friday, January 13 4-6pm. For any questions or inquiries, please email us.


About Instructors:

Kaitie Adams is a Community Agroforester and perennial crop farmer. Based in Central Illinois, Kaitie leads the Savanna Institute Illinois Demonstration Farm program and helps build community through agroforestry education across the state and beyond. In addition to planting trees, talking about pawpaws, and teaching community classes, she also runs Red Crib Acres, a small apple orchard on rented land, with her husband John Williams.


Sarah Buckman is the Marketing Manager at Common Ground Food Co-op and a local food educator who coordinates cultural cuisine classes and builds local food curriculum for kids and adults.


Please note: The class requires one 32 oz mason jar and four 16 oz mason jars. Attendees can purchase these with the kit as an add-on or supplement with ones at home.


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