Herbal Bug Sprays Class

- 02:00 pm

Herbal Bug Sprays Class

August 19, 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm

Learn how to craft custom bug repellants from herbs found in your garden or local farmers market! This virtual class will cover skills including selecting herbs, working with carrier oils, using dried or fresh herbs to create bug sprays, and responsibly foraging wild herbs. This class will be taught by local herb enthusiast Annette Davis Campbell, a member of the local CU Herb Society. Class registration is free with an option to purchase a class kit to use during the live virtual class. This class will feature yarrow, lavender, catnip, basil, mint, and lemongrass with information provided on additional herbs. The $20 base class kit includes witch hazel distillate, 4 2 oz atomizer spray bottles, apricot kernel carrier oil, vegetable glycerin, plastic containers, and requires participants to source their own herbs from their garden or local farmer. There is also an option to select a $40 class kit that includes everything in the base class kit plus bundles of fresh and dried herbs that are featured in the class.


Register for the class using the link below and preorder your class kit to pick up on Friday, August 18th from 4-6pm in the Common Ground Flatlander Classroom. Tune in for the virtual Zoom live class on Saturday, August 19th from 2-3pm. If you receive SNAP, you may be eligible to receive your class kit for free. For more information, please reach out to Kelly Lay at kelly@thelandconnection.org.


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