Caprese Cooking Class & Meal Kit

- 03:00 pm

Caprese Cooking Class & Meal Kit

July 22, 2023
3:00pm - 5:00pm

Join us for our next virtual cooking class and meal kit and make a flavorful summer dinner using fresh and local ingredients. Local cook, Kat Keys will guide you through some of her favorite recipes. Learn how to make Hasselback Caprese Chicken with a homemade balsamic glaze, cucumber tomato salad with red onion and a sweet vinaigrette dressing, sauteed asparagus with corn and bacon, and long grain white rice. Vegetarian or vegan kit modifications are available. The $40 meal kit serves 2-3 people.


Register below and preorder your meal kit to pick up on Friday, July 21st from 4-6pm in the Common Ground Flatlander Classroom. Tune in for the virtual Zoom live cooking class on Saturday, July 22nd from 3-5pm. By the end of class, participants can enjoy a full meal made from scratch.


About Instructor: Kat Keys

I've loved cooking all my life. As a child in the 80's, PBS cooking shows featuring Martin Yan, Justin Wilson, Julia Child and Jeff Smith were my mainstay source of entertainment. Years later Food Network and the Cooking Channel took over where they left off and over decades I've collected recipes, studied and learned all that I possibly could through a TV screen.


Fast-forward to last year when decided to look for cooking classes in CU and I found the Common Ground Food Co-op and the rest is history. We've settled on a Hasselback style, caprese stuffed chicken breast for it's striking visual appeal. A slightly sweet Balsamic vinegar and brown sugar glaze completes the dish by balancing the acidity of the tomatos with a smooth, but not overpowering, sweet coating in each bite.


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