Moroccan Class

Virtual Cooking Class - Saturday, June 29th from 3-5pm
Meal Kit Pick Up - Friday, June 28th from 4-6pm


Join us for our next virtual cooking class and meal kit highlighting Moroccan cuisine. Hind Mhaouer, Moroccan cook and owner of Casablanca Bazar, will be sharing her family recipes and teaching how to make three traditional dishes, including dessert! The menu includes:

  • Kufta Tagine - traditional Moroccan dish with stewed ground beef meatballs in a flavorful tomato sauce with onion, cilantro, parsley, cracked local eggs, and kufta spices. A vegetarian tagine is also available modified with Beyond Beef crumbles.
  • Zaalook Eggplant - a cooked eggplant side dish with tomato sauce, garlic, parsley, cilantro, and spices served with crusty ciabatta bread
  • Ghriyba Cookies - deliciously fluffy coconut and semolina sweet cookies dusted in powdered sugar


Registration is $50 and includes meal kit portioned for 2-3 people. Co-op Owners can use promo code: OWNER for $5 off their registration.


The meal kit includes preportioned ingredients and recipe cards. Students will be guided through the cooking process of each recipe while cooking along from your kitchen. By the end of the class, you will have a delicious Moroccan meal to enjoy!


Register using the form below and preorder your class meal kit to pick up on Friday, June 28th from 4-6pm in the Common Ground Flatlander Classroom. Tune in for the live virtual Zoom cooking class on Saturday, June 29th from 3-5pm. Vegetarian modifications are available for this meal kit and would replace ground beef for Beyond Beef grounds. Participants will receive email reminders about the upcoming meal kit pick-up date with a link to attend the Zoom class.


Kitchen Equipment Needed:

  • cutting boards and knives
  • a few mixing bowls
  • soup pot, tagine, or dutch oven with lid
  • skillet or wide sauce pan with lid
  • baking sheet trays
  • grater