American-Jewish Cooking Class

Saturday, December 9th from 11am - 1pm


Join us for an in-person Jewish cooking class taught by Co-op instructor Seth Fein. This demonstration-based cooking class will cover Seth's family recipes for matzo ball soup, salmon lox bagels, and latkes! This class will take place in our Flatlander Classroom at Common Ground Food Co-op.


$50/person. Limited seating available - only 12 seats per class. A waiting list will be made available once tickets are sold out.


About Instructor: Seth Fein

Seth Fein was born and raised in Urbana in a Messianic Jewish home. His southside Jewish parents converted to Christianity before he was born because they found peace, love, and understanding in the teachings of Jesus after the movement died and the Vietnam War wouldn't end. Dad kept with it; Mom went back to just being a secular Jew. Seth identifies as the same. 


Additionally, his father obsessively cheered for Purdue sports teams above Illinois sports teams. All of this made for a very confusing experience, but led him to find solace in discovering his place in the diaspora through food and culture by learning to cook with his Bubbe, Grammy, and Momma. 


He spent a couple years during college at UIUC in the kitchens of Courier Cafe and Great Impasta learning knife skills and timing and patience on both the grill side and working mise en place


Amongst other things, he is the founder of Smile Politely, a culture magazine, and PYGMALION, a multidisciplinary festival celebrating its 20th year in 2024. He lives in Champaign — not Urbana, regrettably — with his family.