Enjoy the fresh, delicious, and seasonal flavors of our produce department. We source the most locally grown, organically certified fruits and vegetables in the area! It's part of our mission to develop strong relationships with local farmers and producers and during the height of the growing season, you'll find that almost half of our produce selection is locally grown. Find produce from PrairiErth, Sola Gratia Farm, Cary's Garden of Eatin', and many other local farms!


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Produce Storage Guide

Just as people breathe, produce respires. It takes in oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. This process, called oxidation, is responsible for the breakdown (spoilage) of fruits and vegetables after harvest. You can’t stop this natural process, but you can learn how to slow it down and lengthen the life of your produce with the simple tips for storing produce offered in this guide. 






Food that is produced within 100 miles of Common Ground.



Food that is produced outside of 100 miles within Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, & Missouri.



Grower has organic certification.


Naturally grown

Grower follows organic practices, but hasn't pursued certification. This definition only applies to local or regional produce.



Grower uses synthetic inputs that would not be allowed under organic certification. This is often fertilizer, but now always.



Produce grown in a system without soil, that instead uses water and nutrients derived from minerals.



Similar to hydroponic, but uses nutrients from the waste of aquatic animals as a fertilizer.




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