Our kitchen staff stays hard at work to stock our grab-and-go fridge every day. Each item is made from scratch using local and organic ingredients. Our kitchen creates house-made hummus, deli-style salads, wraps and burritos, delicious entrees, and seasonal soups. With a variety of products to suit different dietary needs, there really is something here for everyone.


Grab n' Go Menu


V - Vegan

Veg - Vegetarian

WF - Wheat Free



Burritos & Wraps

Southwest Breakfast Burrito Veg

Bean & Rice Burrito Veg

Buffalo Chicken Salad Wrap

Tofu Curry Wrap V

Roasted Chickpea Gyro Wrap V



Compound Salads

Italian Tortellini Salad Veg

Peanut Sesame Noodle V

Blackened Tofu Salad V, WF

Tuna Salad WF

Caprese Salad Veg

Quintessential Quinoa Tabouli V, WF

Power Greens Pesto Pasta V

Chickpea Salad V, WF

Cranberry Chicken Waldorf Salad WF

Kickin Kale Salad V, WF

Samosa Potato Salad V, WF

Tofu "Egg" Salad V, WF

Macaroni & Black Bean Salad V

Kale & Treasures Salad V, WF

Curried Couscous Salad V

Lemon Basil Pasta Salad V

Asian Sesame Coleslaw V

Classic Potato Salad V, WF







Heat & Eat Entrees

Tofu & Veggie Brown Rice Bowl V, WF

Chicken Linguine Alfredo

Tofu Pad Thai V, WF

Curry Roasted Cauliflower V, WF

Ginger Tempeh Soba Noodle Bowl V

Butter Chicken & Brown Rice WF

Chana Masala & Brown Rice V, WF

Homestyle Country Bowl

Chicken Burrito Bowl WF

Tofu Burrito Bowl V, WF

Honey Sesame Tofu V, WF

Cilantro Verde Chicken Bowl WF

Spaghetti & Vegan Wheatballs V

Cincinnati Chili 4 Way

Meat Loaf & Mashed Potatoes

Cashew Mac & Cheezy V

Smoked Cheddar Mac & Cheese V





Heat & Eat Soup

Chicken Noodle

Garden Minestrone V, WF

African Groundnut Stew V, WF

Split Pea V, WF

Curried Carrot Ginger V, WF

Veggie Gumbo V

Tomato Bisque Veg, WF

Italian Sausage, Potato & Rosemary WF

Better Luck V, WF

Thai Red Curry Lentil V, WF

Tuscan Lentil Veg, WF

Golden Potato & Local Bacon gol

Armenian Lentil V, WF

Veggie Chili V, WF

Gazpacho WF, V






Dips & Hummus

Persian Hummus V, WF

Classic Hummus V, WF

Vindaloo Curry Hummus V, WF

Garlic & Herb Hummus V, WF

Mildly Sassy Salsa V, WF

3 Layer Taco Dip WF

Cilantro Lime Hummus V, WF


Meal Components

Asian Baked Tofu V, WF

Blackbean Burgers 3-pack (frozen) V

Mexican Rice V, WF

All-natural Chicken Slices WF

Chixen-Style Seitan Strips V

Pastrami Sliced Seitan V

VSeitan Sausage Crumbles




Made From Scratch

When we say made from scratch, we really mean it. Every day, our kitchen crew starts with fresh ingredients and prepares big batches of salads, soups, & entrees for you to enjoy from the grab n' go case. We strive to make dishes that appeal to all diets including vegetarian, vegan, and wheat-free, and include all of the ingredients used on the labels.



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