Herbal Teas Steams Free Class

Saturday, November 18th, 2-3pm


Learn the secrets behind a truly excellent herbal tea. Make your own loose leaf blend from locally grown herbs or get tips and tricks for crafting creative single servings for great gift giving! This class will discuss tea and steam properties of locally grown herbs, the art of combining herbs into a tea or steam, storage of mixes, and packaging for teas and steams.  Class registration is free with an option to purchase a class kit to use during the live virtual class. This class highlights popular tea herbs including lemon balm, rosemary, peppermint, calendula, cloves, cinnamon, ginger root.


Register for the class using the link below. Tune in for the virtual Zoom live class on Saturday, November 18th from 2-3pm. If you receive SNAP, you may be eligible to receive your class kit for free. For more information, please reach out to Kelly Lay at kelly@thelandconnection.org.



About the Instructor: Amy Wertheim

With educational, culinary, and medicinal gardens, Wertheim’s Gardens has a multitude of options for visitors from taking a scheduled tour of the various gardens; participating in hands-on class to learn how to make your own salves, soaps, teas, or lotions; or learning how to use herbs in your everyday cooking, fresh or dried.


Owned and operated by Amy Wertheim, AIG’s 2018 Businesswoman of the Year as the Most Trusted Woman in Herbal Products, as well as serving on the GRIT Inaugural Forum, IL Specialty Crops Board of Directors, past President, IL Herb Association, and past President of the Logan County Herb Guild, Amy is a proud 7th generation steward of the land. As a four-time Grand Champion, and five-time Sectional Champion of the IL State Herb competition, she is well-versed in all aspects of Herbs and enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone interested in growing their knowledge in Herbs.