From Your Board December 2019

Board Member Evelyne Tardy talks about holistic Co-op remedies to boost your immune system during the winter months

Brrr…the cold season is upon us!  During this time of year it’s so important to take care of our immune systems in order to stay healthy and strong while colds and flus are among us.  The Coop is a sound resource for staples to keep us healthy year round, but especially during this time of year. Some of what I’d like to recommend include some local highlights as well as well-regarded brands.

Backyard Beauty, the Coop’s newest local vendor, has a gift crate located in the Wellness section endcap, ready to boost your immune system.  In this box you will find Yang Tea, a daily immune system support blend, Yin Tea, another daily immune system support blend, and an immunity tincture.  Backyard Beauty’s farm is located in White Heath, Illinois, and everything they grow is without chemicals.

Dayempur Herbals, a company located in Southern Illinois, has an amazing Elderberry Syrup to boost your system and stay healthy this season.  Dayempur Herbals grows their own organic herbs and uses traditional methods to create their salves, oils, tinctures and syrups. Elderberry is a natural remedy for the cold and flu, and also works for fatigue and nerve pain.  They also have a three-pack health blend that can be found on the shelves in the wellness section.

Garden of Life sells organic, fermented turmeric and ginger vegan gummy drops, which is found on the endcap of the Wellness section as well, right next to Olbas cough syrup which comes highly recommended by the Coop staff!  Also in the Wellness section you will find Oil of Oregeno, in softgel or tincture form. Oil of Oregeno is a leading proactive measure to take for colds and flus as well as earaches and fatigue. Other highlights include Non-GMO Ener-C multivitamin drink mix, and a Deep Sleep formula in capsules made by Common Ground Coop.  Lastly, local Urbana vendor Glow by Lola, sells an aromatic Relax blend bath salts. When boosting our systems, relaxation is so important so treat yourself to a warming bath with these healing salts.

Other items that can be found around the store to help keep you healthy and vibrant this season including organic Traditional Medicinals’ Throat Coat and Breathe Easy teas, and Yogi Breathe Deep and Stress Support teas.  The Coop makes soups daily with fresh and local ingredients, and there are also many options on the shelves to choose from. Or perhaps a cup of hot cocoa with a Coop sweet treat will create the sense of relaxation and boost your system needs.

Most importantly, share some kindness!  Kindness has proven to help the immune system by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving our mood.  What kindness have you experienced recently?

*Disclaimer: Evelyne is not a medical doctor and if you are not well please seek medical attention from a professional health care provider. Before trying new supplements, always consult your physician*