A Word from the GM February 2020

Hello Cooperators!

Occasionally my spouse and I, and a few other people I know, banter about the results of  “new studies” on current grocery shopping trends that surface. This is because we’ve come to realize that food cooperatives have known for years much of the information that is now being proven in these recent surveys on our food system. Here is one that supports an idea that we here at Common Ground knew to be true over 46 years ago.

From FMI (Food Marketing Institute):

Study shows surging shopper demand for organic produce

A new study shows consumer demand for organic fruits and vegetables continues to grow, with more than half of the shoppers saying they are willing to pay more for them. The 2019 Supermarket Perimeter Consumer Fresh Food Shopping Trends Study also revealed 62% of shoppers believed organic products are healthier and half also believed it was important for their supermarkets to offer organic alternatives.

This study is just now revealing how most people believe that produce grown without the use of harmful chemicals is healthier than produce grown while using them. Common Ground owners have known this for decades!

Maybe a good new study would be one that proves shopping local for in season produce is better for our economy than sourcing from other places. This, too, is something we’ve known from the start. Keeping your money local instead of using it to buy the same products from across the country can significantly impact our community here in Urbana-Champaign, as well as the environment.

Now, of course there are many products in demand that are not available locally, but whenever possible, we like to show that we love our neighbors. We source as much produce, meat, cheese, and other products as we can from our local producers, knowing that they are good stewards of the land that they grow on. We use local service providers whenever possible. We Round Up at the registers to support our local organizations and our Food for All program works to get affordable healthy food into the mouths of those in the community who need it most.

My friends, please don't wait for the next revelation of a "new" study that shows we already have it right. Support the community grocers that support our neighbors by shopping organic and local!

Thanks for reading and please, stay safe and warm. It's cold out there!