New Year, New Food: A look at foods we offer in our Grocery Department to help meet your nutritional goals

Every single day we have the opportunity to start anew!  We tend to be especially aware of this at the start of each New Year. Symbolically, it is a fresh beginning. A chance to set goals for ourselves for the coming 12 months. Not surprisingly, we tend to become more aware of how we treat our own personal health! This is the time when many people choose to revamp the way they eat. In honor of this season of increased self care and health consciousness, we thought it would be a good time to share some information about the different foods we offer to help meet your nutritional goals! Whether you are choosing to simply increase your intake of whole foods, decrease meat consumption and/or dairy, or cut back on gluten, we have products that allow you to continue to eat delicious, filling, and varied meals.

In the last couple of years we’ve seen a lot of new items hit the market that are elevating some of these diets beyond the flavorless and the weird, to products that ANYONE would love to eat regardless of their dietary needs.

Some examples are: Beyond Meat which has taken plant-based meats to a whole new level that even the most ardent carnivores will enjoy. We have a few breads from Canyon Bakehouse which (speaking as someone who “has” to eat gluten-free because of a family member) tastes and feels as good as any bread I’ve ever eaten. Against the Grain frozen pizzas, likewise, are some of the best pizzas we’ve ever had. It just happens to be the case that they are also gluten free!

The milk world has been taken by storm by Oatly whose oat milk production has finally caught up with unprecedented demand. In the cookie and cracker aisles, Simple Mills continues to lead the way with almond meal based snacks that would satisfy anyone’s munchies. For those who want a really decadent treat, Goodie Girl cookies could stand head-to-head with the girl scouts. For those looking for a little sweetness on the Keto diet, Swerve sweeteners are legitimate 1-to-1 sugar replacements in various styles that look, feel, and taste just like the real deal.

These are just a few highlights from our aisles. We have options within just about every category for those who are trying to keep within their particular dietary goals. And if there’s something you can’t find on our shelves, we are always happy to try to get it for you.

Choosing to improve the way we eat can have a dramatic impact on our current and future health!  If you’re interested in setting some goals, feel free to talk to us! Many of our knowledgeable and friendly staff have direct experience with one or more of these lifestyle choices and would be happy to give you a tour of the different products we offer for whatever changes you choose to make this year.


Gray and Jeni, Grocery Department