JUNE 2016 Comment Cards

Are the gluten free real ice cream sandwiches coming back? Common Ground used to carry them. They're great in the summer especially for celiacs. Thanks!


Unfortunately these had been discontinued by Julie's but we should be having Jenny's gf sandwiches by the end of the summer. We have house made cookies and gluten free ice cream if you would like to make your own until then! Ask a staff member for some ideas! Thanks for your feedback.

I am allergic to soy, wheat, and dairy, which means that I can't eat most of your deli items. Please don't put vegenaise in everything.


We do indeed use Tamari and vegenaise in a lot of our Deli items to make them available for vegans and vegetarians but we now have some really delicious deli salads available just for the summer season! Please check out the delicious new beet salad, the fennel-orange coleslaw, and the new quinoa salad. They are all allergy free just for you!


Please separate Pekara cinnamon rolls from almond croissants due to allergies!

 Ooh. We are glad you mentioned this! We will make sure our deli knows about this and we can see to fixing this for you.


Zero cream soda sold individually, please! Thanks!

We are still awaiting our new beverage cooler that will offer more individual beverages. We will hope to include something like this in the future. If you need it now, talk to our staff about placing a special order for a case!


Please carry Ecover Cream Scrub again. You have no soft scrubs for ceramic sinks/tubs.

Thank you! We will look into carrying it especially since we already carry Ecover already. If you want to place a special order you can, but until then we recommend the Bon Ami. It is made from natural ingredients plus it is perfect for sinks and tubs.


Love everything in the deli but end up with a ton of little plastic containers. Have you though about having the deli items available in bulk, where people could bring their own containers and be dished out whatever they want?

This is a fantastic idea and would definitely help us save on packaging. We will consider this as an option for our deli in the future and we will pass this idea to the heads of the Prepared Foods Department. Thanks for thinking about this. We appreciate your wonderful ideas and enjoyed the beautiful picture you drew to illustrate this!


It would be awesome if you sold rotisserie chickens!

We have definitely considered this in the past. We will make sure the PF hears this idea. We do have the best chickens in town due to Triple S, Moore Family Farm, and the Amish chickens. Thanks for your idea!


Would love to see the soy-free vegenaise stocked!

We do carry a grapeseed vegenaise that is on the shelf! Check it out in our dairy section!


I am very disappointed not to find 1/2 burritos!

We have discontinued the halfs because they were not selling well enough. We would be happy to wrap up the other half for you if you know you won't be able to finish it in one sitting. Thank you for your concern and continued support. We will be having new entrees coming to our Deli Grab n Go case, so keep an eye out for new items that might catch your fancy.


Maybe you could get a different brand of peanut sauce without honey?

We do! In aisle 3, we have Thai Kitchen Peanut Sauce that is vegan and gluten free! Thanks for inquiring!


Live wasps.

We do love your Pollinators! Did you know we teach classes on Pollinators, including information about wasps and their importance? Maybe you would enjoy one of our classes!


Please bring back 6 packs of regular eggs. I can't use up a dozen easily. Surely one of your suppliers would let you break up some cartons into 6 packs. They sold very well for you and met a need for some of us.

We did love the smaller packs of eggs. They were wonderful! We got them from PrairiErth Farm but unfortunately they no longer have the chickens to produce the eggs. We will try and talk to our producers about making this more available. Thanks for your input! We love hearing about this and will try and find something like this soon.


I would like to see EDAM cheese in the cheese section.

We are always looking for good cheeses to bring in. Thanks for the recommendation!