Farm Tour at Moore Family Farm

Along the Iroquis river in Watseka, Illinois, about sixty miles away from the Co-op, live the Moore Family, who own and operate the 100 acre homestead. This farm family’s legacy is unique because both sides of their families come from have century-old family farms, providing the knowledge of over 200 years of generational farming experience. Their Watseka farm, also known as Moore Family Farm, has been farmed sustainably by the couple, Diann and Jim and their oldest son Wes for more than 30 years. Diann sharing her family’s story stating, “Jim has been working on our farm since he was a small child helping his grandmother and grew up to take it over. When Jim and I were married in 1985 we started producing more items for direct sales through Farmers markets. Our son Wes has grown up helping us and has started taking on more of the labor responsibilities. He attended his first Farmers Market at a young 6 month old.”

Many of the farming techniques that the Moore’s use today is understanding the land they work with despite all the irregularities and inconsistencies that come with climate change and living on a river’s floodplain. As one of the most diversified family farms featured at the Co-op and in Central Illinois, Moore Family Farm does it all. From 7 acres of vegetable production to grass-fed beef and heritage breed lamb, pasture-raised heritage breed pigs, pasture-raised chickens for free range eggs and meat, they grow all their pasture needed for their animals, as well as all the hay and grains needed to sustain the animals during the winters. The Moore Family Farm is truly a closed loop system and farmstead, relying solely on what the farm produces itself.​

While all of their farm goods are absolutely delicious, The Farm is particularly famous for their free range eggs, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to get a double-yolked egg in your egg carton! At the Co-op, their eggs fly off the shelves because they are delicious and nutrient rich in color because the chickens get to feast on perfectly balanced pastures, where the chicken gets to pick and pluck whatever nutrient dense greens they desire, like red clover. The yolks can even vary in color because the chickens aren’t subject to only one type of feed to make the yolk colors identical. Chefs from around the area seek out Moore Family Farm eggs due to the high quality, freshness, and ability to make the best fluffy meringue peaks. 

You can find Moore Family Farm products in our fresh and frozen meat section, and fresh eggs in our Dairy section. Diann and Wes are also at every Saturday Farmer’s Market at the Square at the end of the first row. Moore Family Farm has something for everyone.