December 2016 Customer Comments

The Students for Environmental Concerns is petitioning for a ban or fee on single-use bags at grocery stores in CU. How does the Co-op feel about this?

 We've seen this petition and we are happy SEC is working so diligently to make people more aware about single use waste. We have pondered this idea and we have decided that we wouldn't want to charge people for a bag but we have started including the Sustainable Bag Incentive, where we donate ten cents to Round Up For Good when customers bring their own bags. We have noticed that this usually raises an extra $500 or more dollars a month, when we instated this program.

We have increase our stock in store of reusable bags (which have been selling really well)! We also work with our grocery staff to save small boxes and have them available at the registers for customers to reuse.

We are interested in following SEC to see more of this development within C-U and would love to help encourage more businesses to assess their single-use bag program. Contact me if you want to talk more!


I joined 20 years ago this month. I was a coreworker in the basement of the IDF. I love to see how the co-op grew and how it stayed the same in many ways. -Sam Martland

​Thank you, Sam! We are celebrating our 42nd year as a co-op and couldn't have done it without you. We would love to hear more about your expereince watching the co-op transition over the two decades. If you're ever interested in chatting, please feel free to stop by the registers and ask for our outreach coordinator. I'd love to chat with you if you every have time.

Thank you for supporting us as a community co-op for so many years. We have some great classes coming up this month if you're looking to attend. -Sarah (Outreach Coordinator)

Thanks Matt for the Lundberg sprouted rices. I can finally eat rice again! <3 Judy

Hi Judy, Thanks for the positive feedback. We are happy to hear Lundberg works for you. We have a few sprouted breads in our freezer section (i.e. Ezekiel Bread) if you are looking for sprouted grain products. P.S. Many of our staff and owners use the bulk grains and beans for sprouting at home. If this is something you'd be interested in hearing more about, please feel free to contact me about sprouting!

Please water the plants out front. They are dying. Plus carry Ben and Jerry's Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream!

Thanks for the feedback! Sometimes we rely too heavily on the water from rain. We will make more of an effort to check on them. Are there any plants (edible or ornamental) that you'd like to see in the planters? We will have many perennial herbs coming back in spring, so let us know if you have recommendations!

As for ice cream, please contact: for suggesting ice cream or grocery items! We are pretty cramped for space but we are glad to hear Ben and Jerry's is offering vegan ice cream! Thanks for your time and great input!

Driscoll's is seriously harming their workers. Please boycott until they stop their slave-like working conditions.

We appreciate your concern about Driscolls and hope our distributors choose different producers but until that happens, please check out the information by our comment card board because we have written up information about the horrible working practices of Driscolls as a company. Unfortunately, they own about 90% of the strawberries produced in U.S., so it makes it difficult to keep strawberries in our store. Contact if you want to meet for a talk!

Please carry Paw Paws in the fall and Buddha's Hand Citron in the winter!

Paw Paws, despite being a native fruit to North American, are incredible hard to find in large quantities. We do however get several from a local producer but only if it is a good harvest. We will keep this in mind though. As for Buddha's Hand Citron, is very difficult to get because our distributor doesn't make it available for us. But we will try our hardest!

I was disappointed to see many products with palm oil in them such as vegetarian bouillon cubes. I'd love a veggie alternative but prefer not to support the unsustainability of palm oil.

Yes! Palm Oil can be harvested unsustainably. We have several vegetarian broth that do not include palm oil:

1)Pacific vegetable and mushroom broths

2)Better than Bouillon

3)Field Day Broths

4)Bulk Vegetable Broth Powder!


So nice to have water fountains so I can eat dinner without putting a cup in the landfill!

Thanks for being so cheerful and socially responsible! Did you know we grant a discount for any deli drink by 25 cents if you bring your own cup? Have a great day!


We love your soups but can you alter your recipes and ditch the canola oil? Coconut oil is a good substitute and is vegan, paleo, whole 30, etc.

Hi there! OOH! This is great idea and I will pass it along to our prepared foods supervisor. Hopefully we can work on a few new recipes with this is mind. Please email if you have any more soup suggestions!

Could we have zero cream soda or zero cola back in one of the individual drink coolers? Thanks!

I've let our grocery managers know and we can see if there is space in the future!


I think we should have a little kids area in the cafe. I know there's already coloring books but maybe a few toys!

Hey! This would be a very cute idea and we will see what we can do to make it more kid friendly! Thanks for the suggestion!