From the Board: April 2020

by Magdalena Casper-Shipp

Join us Thursday, April 16 for our annual Financial Meeting Of Owners!

Every spring, we host our FinMOO. In contrast to our Fall Meeting Of Owners - that’s the FUN MOO, with food, socializing and activities, and the end of our Board elections - the FinMOO is a more serious affair. Common Ground’s bylaws require us to hold a meeting within 120 days of the close of the fiscal year (December 31) to share financial data with our owners. This year, amid uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to host our first ever virtual Financial Meeting Of Owners. Rather than having an event at the IMC as we’d planned, we are inviting our owners to join us from the comfort of their own homes at 6 PM on Thursday, April 16 for a virtual Meeting Of Owners. This will likely be held via Zoom and will require you to RSVP for access.

The agenda for the 2020 FinMOO, or as we are calling it now, the ZooMOO, is as follows:

6:00 Welcome and Store Update

Gary Taylor, our GM, will give a brief update about how the store is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing needs of owners

6:15 Presentation of 2019 Financials

Magdalena Casper-Shipp, Board Treasurer, will present a high-level view of the financial state of the co-op at the end of our 2019 fiscal year.

6:30 Visioning at Common Ground: Local

The Visioning Committee, led by Board Directors Karen Carney and Robert Taylor, will provide an update on this year’s focus on local, as well as outlining next steps.

6:45 In-Depth Dive into Policy Governance

For those of you who are interested in the nuts-and-bolts of how the Board monitors our cooperative’s performance, learn how policy governance is implemented at your co-op.

We will send out a follow-up email with details on how to access the virtual meeting. We're still trying to figure out how to balance the need for owners to study the presentation about the co-op's finances and formulate questions with the need to keep sensitive information confidential in an online format. We're all figuring out this strange new world on the fly, so if you have ideas on how we can maintain confidentiality in this process, please send them to use via . Thank you for your continued support of Common Ground in these trying times.

And, our regularly scheduled April board meeting will be held via Zoom on April 13 at 6:15pm  - those interested in attending must email the board for the link.