From the GM: April 2020

Hello Cooperators!

First things first--I want to thank all of our owners and customers who come into Common Ground and take some time to show their appreciation to our staff for being here. It means so much to all of us that we are acknowledged for the daily risk we take just by showing up for work. I want to give special thanks to those who were encouraging our staff even before COVID-19 came to our country. 

From Your Board: March 2020

The Effects of Shopping Local On Your Friends & Neighbors

Small local farms and businesses are excellent for the economy because they create jobs. By supporting local producers, you contribute to helping your friends, neighbors and other community members find sustainable employment. In addition, they often develop a close network between themselves, and their local buyers. This builds relationships among community members, which fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness within the community.

A Word from the GM February 2020

Hello Cooperators!

Occasionally my spouse and I, and a few other people I know, banter about the results of  “new studies” on current grocery shopping trends that surface. This is because we’ve come to realize that food cooperatives have known for years much of the information that is now being proven in these recent surveys on our food system. Here is one that supports an idea that we here at Common Ground knew to be true over 46 years ago.

From FMI (Food Marketing Institute):

Study shows surging shopper demand for organic produce

New Year, New Food: A look at foods we offer in our Grocery Department to help meet your nutritional goals

Every single day we have the opportunity to start anew!  We tend to be especially aware of this at the start of each New Year. Symbolically, it is a fresh beginning. A chance to set goals for ourselves for the coming 12 months. Not surprisingly, we tend to become more aware of how we treat our own personal health! This is the time when many people choose to revamp the way they eat.


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