A Word from the GM February 2020

Hello Cooperators!

Occasionally my spouse and I, and a few other people I know, banter about the results of  “new studies” on current grocery shopping trends that surface. This is because we’ve come to realize that food cooperatives have known for years much of the information that is now being proven in these recent surveys on our food system. Here is one that supports an idea that we here at Common Ground knew to be true over 46 years ago.

From FMI (Food Marketing Institute):

Study shows surging shopper demand for organic produce

New Year, New Food: A look at foods we offer in our Grocery Department to help meet your nutritional goals

Every single day we have the opportunity to start anew!  We tend to be especially aware of this at the start of each New Year. Symbolically, it is a fresh beginning. A chance to set goals for ourselves for the coming 12 months. Not surprisingly, we tend to become more aware of how we treat our own personal health! This is the time when many people choose to revamp the way they eat.

From Your Board December 2019

Board Member Evelyne Tardy talks about holistic Co-op remedies to boost your immune system during the winter months

Brrr…the cold season is upon us!  During this time of year it’s so important to take care of our immune systems in order to stay healthy and strong while colds and flus are among us.  The Coop is a sound resource for staples to keep us healthy year round, but especially during this time of year. Some of what I’d like to recommend include some local highlights as well as well-regarded brands.

Tour of Coil Farm

Claudia and Guy Coil are the supportive farmers of several hundred laying chickens on their wooded farm in Mansfield, IL about 20 miles from Common Ground. Their freshly laid chicken eggs have graced the Co-op shelves for almost seven years and we are proud to have been their very first outlet to sell their dozens. Some of our staff stopped over at their farm the other day for a visit, some coffee, and were lucky to hold some chickens and tour the various wooded pastures where the chickens dwell during the day.

Farm Tour at Greens For You

Celia and Elton Koehn, the dedicated local farming duo of Greens For You in Arthur, IL, have been growing fresh local romaine, butterhead lettuce, and other salad greens for Common Ground Food Co-op for more than seven years straight without missing one weekly delivery! They are so hardworking and we are proud to boast that we received their first ever delivery when they were just beginning their venture and they’ve been a staple local farm in our produce section ever since.

Tour of Glow By Lola

Glow is such a truly fitting word to describe the work and wellness of Lola Pittenger. You may know Glow By Lola for the carefully crafted and aromatic skincare line and wellness products found at Common Ground. Did you know that out of 90+ local producers within 100 miles, Glow By Lola is the closest local producer to the Co-op, just blocks away!


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