Art Gallery Application

Apply to show your local art at Common Ground Food Cooperative! We are looking for many local artists to feature in our gallery. Our Art Gallery is located in our highly utilized Flatlander Classroom. This multi-use Classroom is ideal for integrating the arts into the urban environment and creating partnerships among artists, the community, and the Co-op. Selected artists will be invited to install for around 1.5 months (approximately 6 weeks). Each selected artist will be allotted 2 locked cases in the gallery that each measure 8’ long x 44’’ high x 4’’ wide.

We always welcome artists of all ages to apply. Collaborative groups, student groups, art classes, and kids are also encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to themes related to vibrant community & culture, food system & farmers, biodiversity & ecology, and inclusive messages to share with others. We only show local artists, who live within 100 miles of the Co-op.

Common Ground will provide selected artists with:
1. Approximately 1.5 months of Art Gallery space with locked gallery space.
2. Promotion of artist through various media sources (including social media, newsletter, website, print materials).
3. Currently we are not doing Art Gallery Receptions, but normally we would celebrate with an Art Gallery Reception.

If selected, artists will be responsible for:

  • Timely installation and labeling of work
  • Communication with the Marketing Department
  • Self-promotion of installed work
  • Completing Art Gallery Application either online
  • Although the artwork is secured in a locked and protective case, Common Ground Food Co-op is not responsible for any damage or stolen artwork.
  • To maintain our safe, welcoming environment we require that works are non-discriminatory and non-graphic/explicit in content, and must be appropriate for all ages. Selection is at the Co-op's discretion and will be decided with an artist jury.

Not all artists will be showcased due to limited space. Questions or trouble filling out application?


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