A Word from the Board of Directors

- Mickey Parson
Engaging in Cooperative Governance

By Mickey Parson


Cooperative enterprises serve as pillars of community strength, embodying values of cooperation, sustainability, and local empowerment. As Common Ground Food Co-op prepares for its upcoming board of directors election, owners are encouraged to consider running for a position. Whether you are passionate about sustainable agriculture, social equity, or economic development, your voice and commitment are essential to shaping the future of our Co-op.


CGFC directors play a pivotal role in steering its direction, ensuring adherence to cooperative principles, and representing the diverse interests of its owners. Unlike traditional corporations, where decisions are driven by profit, cooperatives prioritize democratic control, member participation, and social responsibility.


Running for the board of directors of a cooperative is a testament to one's dedication to community, cooperative values, and the vision of a sustainable future. It is a chance to make a meaningful impact, contribute expertise, and ensure that the Co-op remains a vibrant and resilient institution for generations to come. Whether you are a longstanding owner or new to Common Ground, consider stepping forward and running for the board.

Together, we can strengthen our cooperative, uphold its values, and create positive change in our community.

Why Run for the Board of Directors?

Running for the board of directors of a cooperative is not merely about seeking a position of authority; it is about:


Community Representation: Board members act as stewards of community interests, ensuring that decisions align with the cooperative's mission and values. By running, individuals can advocate for issues that matter to owners, whether it's supporting local producers, promoting environmental sustainability, or enhancing community outreach programs.


Governance and Accountability: Effective governance is essential for the long-term success of any cooperative. Board members oversee strategic planning, financial management, and policy-making, ensuring transparency and accountability to the owners. By participating in governance, candidates can contribute to shaping policies that benefit the entire community.


Leadership and Innovation: An opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the co-op. Whether through implementing new sustainability initiatives, expanding owner benefits, or enhancing cooperative services, board members can drive positive change and innovation within the organization.


Building a Stronger Community: Our Co-op thrives on active owner engagement and participation. By running for the board, individuals strengthen community bonds, foster collaboration among owners, and create opportunities for collective decision-making. This sense of community ownership not only enhances the cooperative's resilience but also builds a more vibrant and inclusive local economy.


To learn more about the responsibilities of board members, the election process, questions, and how to nominate yourself or others, click the link below or attend informational sessions hosted by the current board, starting July 9th.


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