Naturally Wild & Fizzy Sodas

- 02:00 pm

Naturally Wild & Fizzy Sodas

June 18, 2022
2:00pm - 3:00pm

Join Kaitie Adams in the next perennial class series with The Land Connection and learn how to make naturally wild & fizzy sodas! This class will cover the basics of creating home-fermented, naturally fizzy drinks using fruits that can be grown here in Central Illinois. We'll cover fermentation basics and safety, different flavor combinations, and tips for the best tasting brew. We'll be using a ginger bug and champagne yeast to get the fizzy party started, but will also cover other fermentation starters such as whey, kefir, and others. 


Kaitie Adams is a Community Agroforester and perennial crop farmer. Based in Central Illinois, Kaitie leads the Savanna Institute Illinois Demonstration Farm program and helps build community through agroforestry education across the state and beyond.  In addition to planting trees, talking about pawpaws, and teaching community classes, she also runs Red Crib Acres, a small apple orchard on rented land, with her husband John Williams.


Funding for this class is provided in whole or in part by the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Illinois Specialty Crop Block Grant program, awarded to The Land Connection and in collaboration with Common Ground Food Co-op.



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