2022 Plant Sale Fundraiser


2022 Plant Sale Fundraiser

May 4, 2022 - May 10, 2022
All Day

Our 14th annual Plant Sale is happening in May! The plant sale is a full week and will feature seedlings grown by our local farmers. We will have a large selection of tomatoes, succulents, greens, herbs, flowers, and other plants available for purchase! All proceeds from the Plant Sale go to our food accessibility program Food For All. A Food For All grant covers full owner equity as well as discounts on produce and our Co+op Basics line. Read more about Food For All here.


Plant Sale Sneak Peak

  • Peppers (Grown by PrairiErth Farm & CGFC Owner Karin)
    • Jalapeno

    • Italia

    • Ace Bell Pepper

  • Flowers (Grown by Delight Flower Farm, Old Town Flowers CU, & CGFC Owners Beth & Pinshane)
    • Benary's Giant Zinnia

    • Milkmaid Nasturtium

    • Calendula Mix

    • Chamomile

    • Sunflower

  • Tomatoes (Grown by Sola Gratia Farm)
    • Green Husk Tomatillo

    • Paul Robeson

    • Martino's Roma

    • Kanner Hoell

    • Principe Borghese

    • Austin's Red Pear

  • Greens & Lettuce (Grown by PrairiErth Farm & CGFC Owners Karin & Beth)
    • Flat Romaine Lettuce

    • Collards

    • 5 Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard

    • Lacinato Kale

    • Green Curly Kale

    • Flat Red Leaf Lettuce

  • Succulents (Grown by CGFC Owner Jamie)
    • Echeveria Succulent

    • Aloe Barbandensis Miller

    • Echeveria Dusty Rose

    • Kalanchoe Flapjacks Succulent

    • Christmas Cactus

  • Herbs (Grown by Old Town Flowers CU, PrairiErth Farm & CGFC Owners Karin, Beth & Pinshane)
    • Thyme

    • Genovese Basil

    • Flat Purple Basil

    • Flat Tulsi Basil

    • Cilantro

  • Misc. Plants
    • Green Cabbage

    • Clemsen Spineless Okra

    • Diamond Eggplant

    • Cipolla di Rovato Onions

    • White, Green & Brown Cotton

    • Juane du Poitou Leek


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