About us


We’re a full service, cooperatively owned grocery store, which means we’re owned by members of the community (like you!) who buy shares. We’re passionate about naturally delicious, sustainable local food—and that's just the beginning! Anyone can shop here and enjoy all the services we offer- from our delicious salad bar to our robust cooking classes!


Common Ground is guided by four Ends. These Ends are the embodiment of our owners' vision- a statement created by the owners and their democratically elected Board of Directors.

1. The co-op is the center of a vibrant, inclusive community.

2. The cooperative movement is strengthened.

3. The co-op serves as an educational resource on food issues.

4. Our local food system is equitable, robust, and environmentally sound.


What makes Common Ground so special is that we are cooperatively run. For a one-time investment of $60 you can become an owner of Common Ground. This investment means you are eligible to run for a seat on Common Ground's Board of Directors, vote in annual elections, 10% off your special orders, receive special owner deals and discounts on Co-op classes. Everyone is welcome at Common Ground, regardless of ownership. We have savings to benefit all!