Turkey Pre-Order Frequently Asked Questions

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Get a jump start on your holiday planning with our local turkey pre-orders! Keep reading to for more details!



Tell me more about these local turkeys.

All the pre-ordered turkeys are certified organic and pasture-raised on Triple S Farms in Stewardson, IL. They are ultra local and ultra delicious!

How can I pre-order a local turkey?

You can pre-order a turkey either online or in-store. 

To order in the store, ask a cashier for a turkey pre-order form, and they'll help you through the process. All pre-orders are subject to a nonrefundable $20 deposit.

To order online, follow the link at the top and bottom of this page. The link will lead you to a form where you can select your preferred turkey size and pick up date. After submitting the form, you'll be directed to PayPal where you must make your nonrefundable $20 deposit.

Okay, I've ordered! Now how do I pick up the turkey?

When you pre-order, you must select your pick-up date. On your selected date, you can either pick up the turkey in the Lincoln Square Mall hallway outside Common Ground, or you can opt to pick up with our curbside service. Important: your turkey will only be available on your selected date during the indicated time frame. Turkeys can not be picked up outside of this time frame.

How do I use your curbside service to pick up?

If you'd like to pick up your turkey through curbside, you have two options:

1) Place an online order for pick up on your selected day, during the turkey pick-up times. At the Co-op Shop, you'll find a "Thanksgiving" tab where you can click "Pick Up a Turkey Pre-order." This will tell our curbside shoppers to include your pre-ordered turkey to the order. Please remember that curbside services are not available on Saturday. Turkey pick ups will only be in-store on Saturday, November 14th. Remember that you can place a curbside order up to one day in advance.

2) If you do not have a grocery order, you can simply pull up to our curb and call our curbside phone number (217) 202-8734. Our curbside staff will bring your turkey to you. Please be patient when calling the curbside phone. We are expecting a very high volume of calls and turkey pickups during that time. Thanks for understanding!

How do I pay for my turkey?

Payment will be taken at the time of pick up. If you're picking up in-store, you'll pay at the cash registers. If you're picking up curbside, the curbside staff will take your payment. Credit card, check, or cash are accepted. 

The $20 deposit will be subtracted from the total amount.