Our Porch

Common Ground Food Co-op supports providing opportunities for local organizations to network with our community.  

Policies/procedures for organizations using the porch:

1. Organizations interested in using the co-op porch are required to fill out the online application below for approval at least four weeks prior to their desired date. 

2. When reviewing an organization’s porch request, we look for alignment with our four guiding ends:

  • The co-op is the center of a vibrant, inclusive community
  • The cooperative movement is strengthened
  • The co-op serves as an educational resource on food issues
  • Our local food movement is equitable, robust and environmentally sound

3. Common Ground Food Co-op is comprised of over 12,000 individual owners. Therefore, representatives of the organization or others present with the organization are requested to refrain from endorsing a political party or utilizing the porch for religious/spiritual issues. 

4. Once approved, porch requests are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. If the time you want is not available, we will offer alternatives for your organization to consider.

5. Individuals working or volunteering for the approved organization must not to directly approach people entering or exiting the co-op or who are in the co-op’s parking lot. A display with materials about the organization’s goals or relevant materials and a table staffed with the organization’s representatives are suggested. Aggressive canvassing or “hard-sell” tactics are never allowed and will result in a suspension of that organization’s privilege to use the porch on the co-op’s property.

6. Organizations must leave benches and tables for the exclusive use of the customers. Common Ground will provide a table and chairs and assign placement. Organization volunteers must stay in assigned space. Any table covers or signage must be provided by the organization.

7.Those who are not eligible or approved to use the porch on Common Ground property are encouraged to canvas on the public sidewalk adjacent to Vine and Illinois streets.

8.The selling of any items in front of the store is prohibited.

9. Porch use is also available to active owners who wish to call a meeting or add agenda items to the Board's Annual Meeting of Owners as defined in the Bylaws.

To request to use the porch, please email the Marketing team at marketing@commonground.coop.