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Featuring Emerging Local Artists All Year Long!

Common Ground strives to be the center of a vibrant community. Our owners believe that a vibrant community is one that is alive with art.

Our gallery is located in our highly utilized Flatlander Classroom, a space dedicated to connecting the community, facilitating educational opportunities focusing on healthy living, and providing access to local artists. This multi-use space is ideal for integrating the arts into the urban environment and creating partnerships among artists, the community and business. This year, we will be hosting two artist at a time, allotting each artist a locked case that is 8’ long x 44’’ high x 4’’ wide. We always welcome kids and group shows to apply!

Newest Installations of Two Local Artists: Sarah Meadows and Jacob Dilley

Zentangle-Inspired Drawing by Sarah Meadows 

Sarah Meadow's Artist Statement:

Zentangle-inspired drawings. Alternate title: Art That Hurts Your Eyes. Statement: Drawing started out as a therapeutic outlet for me; a way to shift my focus from what I had lost in my personal life to what I could build and create. It quickly became a way to connect with others in the community, as I do most of my drawing in public places and have conversations with everyone from grade school children to professional artists on a regular basis. My work focuses primarily on color and texture and can be detailed to the point where the eye isn't sure where to look first. I enjoy overwhelming people as much as I enjoy connecting with them. But more than anything, I hope to inspire them to draw, whether they believe they have talent or not. It's not about the finished project, as much as it's about the process of creating. Drawing for drawing's sake can be a truly healing and enriching experience.

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Untitled by Jacob Dilley


Jacob Dilley's Artist Statement

Jacob Dilley is a self taught artist and musician raised in Central Illinois and currently residing in Urbana Illinois. He has been performing music since 2010 and creating physical art for the last four years. Inspired in equal parts by mysticism and street art, he aims to capture the natural emergence and dissolution of patterns in the world around him and explore their connections with the patterns we find internally. Working primarily in mixed media his style focuses on experimentation and the act of allowing. He seeks a relationship with his work and audience that allows all three parties with an equal opportunity to define the meaning in his work.

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