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Featuring Emerging Local Artists All Year Long!

Common Ground strives to be the center of a vibrant community. Our owners believe that a vibrant community is one that is alive with art.

Our gallery is located in our highly utilized Flatlander Classroom, a space dedicated to connecting the community, facilitating educational opportunities focusing on healthy living, and providing access to local artists. This multi-use space is ideal for integrating the arts into the urban environment and creating partnerships among artists, the community and business. This year, we will be hosting two artist at a time, allotting each artist a locked case that is 8’ long x 44’’ high x 4’’ wide. We always welcome kids and group shows to apply!


Newest Installations of Local Artists: Blessing Tshimankinda and Reneeta Mack

Blessing Tshimankinda

Rockin' Robert

About Blessing Tshimankinda:

Blessing Tshimankinda is an eleven year old 7th grader at Urbana Middle School and has been drawing cartoons for four years. His cartoons are titled ‘ Rockin’ Robert’ and tells the story of main character Robert, his best friend Achilles, and Robert’s arch-nemesis Luna.


Reneeta Mack

Local Artists as Local Art

About Reneeta Mack

I. Love. Storytelling.

Through many different art media, I am able to explore different ways of telling stories. Sometimes I tell the stories through print media, such as short stories, newsletters, and copywriting. Sometimes they’re told digitally through pictures, videos, or social media. The possibilities are endless, really! My favorite art medium is photography, as I love creating portraits of people. This installation titled Local Artists as Local Art is meant as a tribute to the talented musicians that thrive with the support of the CU community. Each photoshoot showcases a different artist which was local to the area at the time of the photoshoot, and in that time was able to blossom enough in the Champaign-Urbana music scene that they gained the tools to expand their talent beyond this community. The art that they’ve written and performed at your favorite Espresso Royale location, during open mic nights at the Canopy Club, on the Co-op porch during Chill & Grills, or in their dorm rooms while studying music at UIUC. Music has taken them as far as L.A., furthering the growth that this town has cultivated within them through the support of their music. They have become their art, and their art has become them.

Pictured are:

Anika Emily - Acoustic Pop Singer, Songwriter Check her out -

Cago - Hip-Hop Artist, Rapper, Producer, Songwriter Check out his latest project -

Tori Leppert - Indie/Folk/Alternative Artist, Songwriter  Check her out -  

Inquire about photo shoots by contacting Reneeta at