Show With Us

how it works

Showing your work in Common Ground's Art Gallery is a great way to show to a large audience in a space that integrates business, education, great food, and community.

Each year we accept applications, which are reviewed by an anonymous jury of owners and staff to determine exhibitions for the upcoming Gallery Season.

Applications for the 2017-2018 Gallery Season will be accepted in late 2016 through January 2017. Applications may be emailed, postal mailed (with images included on CD or flash drive), or dropped off at the Co-op with Outreach Coordinator, Sarah Buckman.


  • The art should be installed in the 2-day window assigned to selected artist, in coordination with the Education Coordinator.
  • The artist is responsible for hanging and removing the art. All art will be hung only within the art cases along the West wall of the Flatlander Classroom. Common Ground Staff will not be available to assist artists in installation/de-installation of work.
  • All materials and supplies for installation and de-installation must be provided by the artist.
  • Each selected artist will be provided with 100 postcards for their show. They will be responsible for the distribution of these postcards.
  • Each selected artist will be provided with a Closing Night Event, complete with hor d'oeuvres and wine that will be on the 4th Friday of their closing month.
  • Art must be de-installed the night of the Gallery Closing Event.
  • Display space must be left clean and ready for the next artist to install.
  • To maintain our safe welcoming environment we require that works are non-discriminatory and non-graphic/explicit in content, at the discretion of the judges panel. The art to be displayed will be appropriate for all ages.
  • The Co-op reserves the right to reject art for display or ask that art be removed.
  • The Co-op keeps art locked in protective cases. The Co-op is not responsible for theft or damage to the art display.
  • Artists may provide a price list and contact information to be on display however Common Ground Food Co-op will not participate in the sales of artwork.
  • Artists may apply for a group show. Please include this information on the application form.