Co-op Cookbook Club: Thanksgiving Pre-Game Potluck

Co-op Cookbook Club: Thanksgiving Pre-Game Potluck​

Led by Amanda Farasat

Sunday, Nov 16th, 4-6pm

$2 owner/ $4 non-owner

Want to test out a new recipe on a friendly group of strangers before preparing it for your family? Or do you have a killer dish that you know others would enjoy adding to their Thanksgiving repertoire? Then come and join us for the Co-op Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck. Sponsored by the Cookbook Club, this is a great chance to hang out and eat some good food while also doing a little homework to complete your Thanksgiving menu. Bring one dish- either one you've been wanting to try, or a favorite you'd like to share- along with a printout of the recipe. Yummy goodness will ensue, and the following day all the recipes will be compiled into a Thanksgiving cheat sheet (available at the Co-op Welcome Desk) for you to make use of in your Thanksgiving festivities. 

Date and Time: 
Sunday, Nov 16th 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
17 slots available