The Hollow Promises of GMOs

For years, the producers and advocates of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have claimed that the technology will increase crop yields and lower the use of chemical pesticides. A new examination of GMO use in the New York Times casts considerable doubts on these assertions.

"An analysis by The Times using United Nations data showed that the United States and Canada have gained no discernible advantage in yields — food per acre — when measured against Western Europe, a region with comparably modernized agricultural producers like France and Germany. Also, a recent National Academy of Sciences report found that “there was little evidence” that the introduction of genetically modified crops in the United States had led to yield gains beyond those seen in conventional crops."

Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops October 29, 2016, New York Times

While we can't authoritatively state that every product sold at Common Ground is GMO-free (the use of the technology is widespread and often concealed) we can direct customers to programs like the Non GMO Project that verify when products are GMO-free. Look for their seal when you're shopping, not only is the presence of this seal informative, it also demonstrates a commitment to transparency on the part of the producer.