CLASS: Introduction to Food Photography

Introduction to Food Photography

Led by Clifford Beshers

Sunday, Jul 26th, 2-5pm

$10 owner/ $15 non-owner

Digital cameras, the internet and social networking have made images of food ubiquitous.  If you are blogging about food, promoting sustainability or just showing your friends that great dinner you had last night, you will want good photographs.  Unfortunately, food photography can be challenging as it requires close-ups, color accuracy, capturing steam and other tricky techniques. In this course, we will study approximately ten effective images of food, using a checklist of simple techniques and inexpensive equipment for creating each one.  Students will then reproduce those images as we prepare (and eat) three dishes.

teacher: Clifford Beshers is a software engineer with a passion for photography and improvisational cooking.  He has studied photography extensively at UCSD Extension.  He posts photographs daily at

Notes: I will use the projector and I will bring an LCD monitor and laptop as well as simple lighting equipment. No prior experience required, but ideally you will have some experience using our camera(s). Bring whatever camera(s) you normally use: dSLR, compact, tablet, smart phone.  If you have a macro (aka micro) lens, definitely bring that.  Small LED lights can be very useful.  Bring any cable, etc. required to download images to a computer, so we can analyze them on a large display. If there is a particular food you would like help photographing, by all means, bring it along.

type of class: interactive

Date and Time: 
Sunday, Jul 26th 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm