Co-op Cookbook Club

Co-op Cookbook Club

Hosted by Amanda Farasat

Sunday, July 19th, 4-6pm

$2 owner/ $4 non-owner

Great opportunity to simultaneously expand your cooking skills and styles while also creating a greater sense of community at the Co-op. The club is a combination book club and potluck, where we choose a cookbook in advance and each participant cooks a recipe that we then share at the next meeting. Cookbook Club only meets one time this summer, so come on out! Let’s explore new foods together!

JULY; The Cookbook club will be doing a different kind of meeting for our one summer get-together. Instead of cooking out of a cookbook, each person will bring one of their favorite quick-and-easy summer recipes. Anything goes, just make sure to write down the recipe so the rest of us can make it when we get home!​

notes: Anyone can come to any or all meetings, don’t be shy!

type of class: Flavor adventure and community building event

Date and Time: 
Sunday, Jul 19th 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
14 slots available