Owner Flagged Product

We encourage our customers to make informed purchasing decisions and support products that align with their beliefs. If you have concerns about a product we carry, please feel free to contact a member of our staff to share your thoughts or ask for more information about the product.

As part of the Co-op’s commitment to be an educational hub for food issues, owners may also request that a product be flagged in the store, which enables them to share their concerns about a product with other customers so they can make a more informed decision when shopping. 

If you are an owner and would like a product flagged, complete the form below to submitted your request to the Product Advisory Committee.

Owner Flagged Product Policy

Common Ground Food Co-op will not join in any boycott, but we commit to reviewing requests by owners to flag products about which they have concerns. 

In order to consider flagging a product or product line, we must receive at least three requests from CGFC Owners. Requests must meet the following criteria:

  • Be well-defined and clearly stated, with achievable goals.
  • Have goals consistent with CGFC’s Ends.
  • Contain valid, verifiable information.

The Product Standards Advisory Committee will review and respond to all requests that meet these criteria within 30 days. Any product or product line that the Committee approves for flagging will be marked with an informational flyer in our aisles for 6 months, or until the Committee determines that:

The request to flag is called off.
There has been a discernible change in sales to the product or product line.*
The Product Standards Advisory Committee obtains new information that changes the premise of the situation related to either the product and/or the flag request.
 *Note: The Committee commits to tracking sales of flagged products or product lines weekly to determine changes to sales trends. These changes may affect CGFC’s purchasing of individual products or entire product lines.