March 2016 Comment Cards

Can you offer frozen guava? It’s a high protein fruit!

-Frozen guava is unfortunately not something that is available to us at this time- I’ll keep my eyes peeled!


Would it be possible to re-order WASA. CG used to keep it. Thanks

-We still carry several Wasa flavors- it is possible that they were out of stock with our distributor when you checked. We carry 7 Grain, Sourdough, and Multigrain. We are able to special order other flavors if you are interested.


Not long ago, you carried Runa Clean energy Zero with guayusa juice. It was on sale. I loved the juice and the price. It was refreshing and invigorating. Plus it came in a glass bottle. It’s no longer on your shelves. Would you please make it a regular item as in keep it in stock?

-Runa was a product that we discontinued due to low sales where it was in the juice aisle, but it is also something that we are considering bringing back once we expand our grab-and-go section. It is always available for special order!


Please try and stock low sugar snacks for kids 1.5 to 4 years. Things that are easy to keep on hand in the car for road trips. Snack bars would be best!

-I am working on expanding our baby food and toddler snack set currently, and I will keep this in mind when making product selections. Thank you!


Canned Chicken and great northern dried beans, please!

-I will consider great northern dried beans next time I am looking at changing our bulk dried beans- the bulk aisle has extremely limited space, and what we currently have is doing well, but I will keep it in mind. As far as canned chicken, that is not something we have had a huge demand for, so we are not planning on bringing it in. We are able to special order a case of canned chicken from both Shelton’s and Wild Planet.


Please use less red onion in your egg salad and tuna salad. Also, please use real mayo, not vegenaise in the real egg salad. People with soy allergies cannot have vegenaise and it is not necessary in egg salad because egg salad is not for vegans.

-Unfortunately these are established and popular recipes so I don’t anticipate changing the amount of onion in either salad. On the issue of vegenaise vs mayo the current organic canola mayonnaise we can get in food service size has a very thick and isn’t as creamy as the vegenaise. When we tested the egg salad with the canola mayo the texture turned out all wrong so we went with vegenaise. We are currently working with new distributor that carries another variety of organic mayonnaise and hopefully we will be able to change the recipe in the near future.


Soups are a problem. You are adding hot peppers to nearly all new recipes. That makes them inedible to many people-especially seniors. The mushroom barley soup was so salty that I had to throw it out. There was no salt listed in the ingredients. #6793

-We have been intentionally adding in new spicy recipes in response to other comments saying our product line has no heat. Sometimes it can be hard to suit everyone’s preferences but don’t worry we will have more new soups coming! The mushroom barley soup actually gets its salt from the tamari. I’m sorry if it was too salty for your taste please feel free to ask our deli staff for a tasting cup so you can sample the soup before you buy!


More gluten-free fresh bakery products! Chocolate muffins, cinnamon rolls?

-More wheat-free bakery items are on the way! Look for Wheat-free lemon poppy seed muffins, Wheat-free chocolate-strawberry muffins and wheat-free fruit pies later in march! More to come soon! :-)


More of a suggestion but I think fresh strawberries would be a good option for the salad bar. Thanks!

-Thanks for the suggestion! We are looking for ways to make our salad bar more dynamic and seasonal. I will definitely consider it.


Please bring back Organic Valley’s Pepper Jack cheese! Please! Please! :)

-If you haven’t tried it, we have a Jalapeno Cheddar from one our local vendors which we have chosen to highlight. We would be happy to special order the Pepper Jack if you are interested. I am planning to bring in more varieties of Organic Valley cheese, and if I get enough customer requests for the Pepper Jack, I would consider it!


We are eaters of mainstream cheeses (medium cheddar, muenster). We used to buy 2-4 blocks a week from the co-op, but can’t anymore since you stopped stocking that Ropp/Organic Valley.

-More varieties will be available soon! Within the next week we will have Mozzarella, Muenster, Baby Swiss, and Colby from Organic Valley available in the cheese case.


Morning fresh egg breakfast sandwiches in the deli? And Fresh (not frozen)chicken bone broth?

-You’re in luck! Breakfast sandwiches are here in the deli! They are made with local meats, eggs, and sourdough bagels from Pekara!

-The local chicken bone broth available to us only comes frozen. It would be possible to special order a chicken bone broth from one of our distributors, but it would not be local. If you are interested, just talk to someone in the Grocery department and they can help you!


Quesadillas in the Deli!

-I have considered the possibility of a featured item at the Deli counter in the form of a quesadilla. It may happen. Thanks for the suggestion!


Please make bombay chili again!!!!!

-We had so many varieties of chili that we had to make some cuts to our selection, and, unfortunately, the Bombay Chili was not as popular as some of the others. If you would like the recipe, I would be happy to share it with you. Just email me at!


Organic Lady Alice Apples (#93604) are FANTASTIC!

-Lady Alice apples are wonderful, I agree.  Unfortunately, their season this year was very short.  We can see about bringing them back if they become available again.