January Comment Cards

We would love if the Co-op could start carrying Boneyard Coffee, which is roasted locally in C-U. We regularly buy our coffee from here, but Boneyard is our favorite- we’d love to see it on your shelves!

Our coffee buyer will look into carrying Boneyard Coffee. In the interim, please visit themand support another awesome local business!


The comment system is broken. Please fix.

Consider the system rehabilitated.


I haven’t been able to round up in a long time, and usually I don’t remember to until I’m out of the store. Could the cashier please be reminded about this?

Our round-up program is absolutely one of the best things we have going here at the Co-op. we are glad to see your concern, and will do a better job in the future of asking. As a bit of a brag, the round up for December has raised over $3.200 for Crisis Nursery! A new record!


Sometimes I stop in while working to get lunch and there are few made sandwiches. I don’t want to take the time to wait for someone to be able to make one. It seems the cooler could be monitored and replenished as needed. If this isn’t a reliable place to get lunch/food people will stop coming in for that and go somewhere else.

This is a great point and something that we’ve addressed recently with the behind the scenes staffing and production changes. Thanks for helping to keep us on our game! The grab-n-go cooler will be more consistently stocked moving forward.


Would be great to have paneer cheese!

Paneer has been discontinued by our distributor. We are searching for a high quality replacement that will satisfy our owners. Results pending…


Could Deli please have more turkey noodle salad? Thank you so much!

The turkey noodles are banging! We’ve heard loud and clear that they are well loved, we’ll be looking into making them more frequently. In the interim, much love to the kitchen team for the fabulous creation!


I love Common Ground. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Laura Kimble

Hey, Common Ground Loves You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi! Please consider stocking So Delicious Brand “No sugar added” Ice Cream pints. Good brand and good product. Thanks!

The co-op actually tried carrying this product not that long ago and it did not move off our shelves very quickly. We’ll look into the possibility of adding it again. Please remember that we’re always happy to special order any product we can for you, and as always, owners get a 10% discount on special orders!

Please keep in mind that special orders for items that are already on sale or are a part of our Co-op Basics program are not eligible for an extra 10%discount.


Organic Dog Bones from Beef?

Great news! We have beef knuckle bones from Triple S Farms that work really well as dog bones. Triple S uses only organic processes and feeds for their animal.

Unfortunately, there is not a certified organic butcher in the area and as a result, Triple S is forced to use a conventional butcher. This is the only reason Triple S products are not marked with an organic label.


Please, please, please! Bring back an espresso from collectivo. Toro would be great. Why do you only have Decaf Toro? And now you took away Peacemaker? Don’t make me spend my $$ in Wisconsin! : )

Phenomenal news! Peacemaker is back! Generally speaking we try to rotate many different specialty coffees to offer our owners exposure to many different wonderful products (even those sourced from the state of Wisconsin :) ). However, your words have been heeded. Please look for Toro in the near future!


The chocolate muffins in the case near the deli stand have become smaller!

Shrink-ray-gun wielding villains have struck our pastry case!

Nah, actually all of our pasties are made from scratch and by hand, which contributes to minor variations in size from time to time. Despite this, we hope you appreciate the effort and quality that goes into our delectable creations.


BEST Thanksgiving food EVER at the deli bar this year. You made our day! YUM.

Everyone in the kitchen and deli, please take a bow! Thanks for the positive comment, it helps us keep going.